Quality is the most important factor in the manufacturing process of all Performance Rod & Custom products. Each component and material is carefully chosen to ensure the very best product is produced before it is used for your performance application. The primary goal for PRC is to provide the customer with optimum performance and reliability at the lowest possible cost. We know if PRC products are consistent and are held to the highest quality standards you will always insist on using PRC products.


PRC radiators are the best aluminum radiators available. The entire building process is designed with various checkpoints so each step of the manufacturing process has a focus on quality. In addition to using the highest quality materials, PRC provides the latest in fabrication technology to ensure quality products are produced. Every radiator is pressure tested before it is shipped to make certain you are receiving the most dependable radiator possible. PRC uses only furnace brazed cores which eliminates the use of epoxy. This process provides maximum durability while providing improved cooling. To complete the quality product, PRC uses an all aluminum construction which is completely TIG welded. PRC will not compromise product quality!


Numerous years of hands on experience go into everything we do at Performance Rod and Custom. We believe in making product decisions based on information we gather from race teams, chassis builders and our own experiences from the industry. We continue to use information provided to us every day by drivers, crew and chassis builders across the nation to help us look forward and change as the industry progresses. We constantly use the valuable feedback to improve existing products and to assist in the design of new PRC products.


The entire staff at PRC takes pride in providing top quality products to all PRC customers. We believe a product is only as good as the service behind it. Because we are racing and performance enthusiasts we go the extra mile to provide the product you need and the service you deserve. By attending races and other events our sales staff is constantly aware of customer needs. We value customer ideas and concerns so we can do our job better in the future.